Home Life

Every Day is different.  Just like everyone’s.  But one thing is for sure…

 No one is ever lonely at Merry Glen.


There is no social isolation here.  Some of our Loved Ones go to work or another activity most every day.  Others participate inside in regular activities, enjoy group, private, or one-on-one activities throughout the day.  Whatever is up that day.  Swimming, shopping, work.

Each Loved One has a tailored Individual Instruction and Support Plan to guide staff and ensure a well-rounded routine.



Merry Glen is unapologetically larger than virtually any other Supported Living program in the state, but it works for us based on the level of acuity, mobility, and activity of our residents.


The larger census also means greater staff familiarity with each Loved One.  Because of our model, when a single Team member leaves, a Loved One who has grown attached has others who also know the routine and can ease the transition.


Merry Glen is building a fun and flexible Volunteer program to further broaden the ways we serve Loved Ones.  Learn more here (link to Join Us)


We support the Personal Power and Choices of Loved Ones and families (guardians) to choose the living space that makes sense for them!



Merry Glen’s unique Family Cooperative model makes sense for a lots of different folks who need long-term support and services, whether still at home or needing residential services.  Contact us and let’s see if starting a Merry Glen type service for your Loved One makes sense right now.